#012 Marija Butkovic: Being A Woman In Wearable Tech & Using Public Speaking To Grow Your Business

Episode 12 of Self-Made Women features Marija Butkovic, founder and CEO of Women of Wearables, which is the UK and Europe's first organisation aiming to support, connect and mentor women in wearable tech. Marija is also the co-founder of Kisha Smart Umbrella, a wearable tech startup behind the world's smartest fashion tech umbrella. Over the course of her career, Marija has been featured in major tech and business publications such as TechCrunch, The Next Web and Huffington Post. In 2017, she was selected as one of the Most Influential Women in UK tech by Computer Weekly. In this conversation, Marija shares what it’s like to be a female founder in a very male-dominated industry, how you can use public speaking to grow your business and why you should always ask to be paid for the public speaking that you do.