Where To Focus Your Energy On Social Media In 2018 


Social Media is tough. I’ll be the first to say it. You can spend endless hours curating your posts, only to send them out into what feels like an empty void of no engagement. 

So, to help you cut to the chase, here’s what to focus your energy on to win at social media in 2018:

1. Facebook Groups

There is power in micro-communities. Already this year, businesses have started to realise that it is more beneficial to speak to a niche, target audience than shout out to the masses on social media. The reach of Facebook Page posts is getting squeezed more and more in the algorithm - on average now only 6% of people who like your page will see your content. However, posts from Facebook Groups (particularly high-value ones that don't use external links) are being ranked more preferably in the algorithm. I predict that Facebook will soon be adding paid advertising and boosted posts into Groups, so why not grow your group in 2018 while it’s still a valuable and free resource?

2. Instagram Stories

In 2017, Instagram Stories more than doubled it's user base to a massive 300 million daily active users (as of November 2017). That means that 60% of Instagram users are viewing or publishing content on Instagram Stories every day. If you're struggling with the declining reach of your posts in the newsfeed, try consistently and effectively publishing creative Stories - it's likely that you'll be able to reach more of your audience there. 


3. LinkedIn Value Content

LinkedIn has long been thought of as the platform that's only for job-hunting and B2B companies. While it is still all of those things, 2017 has seen some major changes for LinkedIn after being acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2016. They've changed the UX of Messenger, introduced video content, brought back hashtags, and improved their advertising platform. Essentially, LinkedIn has become a whole lot more like Facebook, making virality much easier to achieve if you're posting the right content. Ditch the links in your posts and offer high-value, story style posts that are laid out in short sentences with a gap every other line.


The LinkedIn algorithm likes to make people scroll and spend more time on the platform, so these "see more" style posts are performing really well at the moment - I'm sure we'll see even more of them in 2018. Here's Vin Clancy's full post if you were curious as to what comes next. 

4. Sales Funnel

Do you know where social media fits into your sales funnel? What goals is social media helping your business to achieve and how are you tracking them? If you don't know the answer to these questions, spend some time at the start of the year planning out how you will use social media to convert your followers into customers in 2018. Think about how you can use social media to give people a first taste of what your business has to offer and move the user from consuming your content on social media to engaging with you elsewhere. Social media is like renting a flat and having a really volatile landlord; you never have total control of how and when a person will see your content. But, if you can get people off of social media and through the door of a space you own, you have much more control. Create a sales funnel that points people towards gated content, such as watching a webinar, downloading an eBook or taking a quiz on your website. Offering a low buy-in or free piece of content is a brilliant way for your social media fans to express interest and join your mailing list.  


5. Authenticity

Now more than ever, people are questioning the impact that social media has on our mental health. Social media users are clued up to the fact that they're scrolling through a highlights reel. Break the mould and be an honest and authentic brand for them to connect with - people value progress over perfection. Why not show up in their feeds with an inspiring origins story or share a problem you overcame during your day?

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