6 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Creativity

If you're lacking some creative inspiration right now, I find that Instagram can be a great social channel to scroll through and get your spark back. It's the most arty and visual social media channel and there are so many different people to follow who are pushing the boundaries of their imagination to produce amazing work. 

In April 2016, Instagram announced that the number of people using the platform has grown to more than 700 million. That's a whole heap of creativity flying around! Tough as it was to narrow down the list, I've picked out 6 Instagrammers who I think are must-follows if you're looking for creative inspiration. From breakfast to brush lettering, let's run through who these Instagrammers are and what kind of creative content they're sharing.

1. @luciebfink

Lucie is a Video Producer and Lifestyle Host at Refinery29, as well as a stop-motion animation artist in her spare time. Lucie has grown her Instagram account to almost 70,000 followers over the past two years by posting bright and beautiful insights into her creative life in New York. The YouTube series she produces and stars in, Try Living With Lucie, is a leading example of a long-form video content series, with a huge number of dedicated fans tuning in to see what Lucie will challenge herself to next. Her short stop-motion videos perfectly display how you can present a brand's product in a fun, "thumb-stopping" way for social media. If you want to create more eye-catching video content, Lucie's feed is a great one to follow. 


Check out how to create your own stop-motion videos with my step-by-step video guide. 

2. @citylivesketch 

Pietro's feed helps you to see the world through a different lens, as he mixes street photography and illustration to create an array of charming and whimsical images. His posts are a refreshing change from the huge number of wanderlust-themed images you can find on Instagram, as his photos offer such a quirky, unexpected take on monuments around the world. Pietro's page is a great reminder of how important it is to surprise and delight your Instagram followers - his original and unique content always reaches high engagement rates. 


3. @mister_krisp 

If you've ever thought what a brilliant idea it would be to have your favourite objects designed out of rice krispies, Jess' page will amaze you. A self-proclaimed "cereal killer", Jess takes commission orders for any occasion that could be improved by a rice krispies cake. Some of her creations are themed around national days, from Cinco de Mayo to May the Fourth, so she's always posting super relevant content for her followers. As well as showing off her amazing finished sweet treats on her feed, Jess does a brilliant job of documenting her efforts behind-the-scenes through timelapse videos and Instagram stories. 


4. @craftedbycarly 

There are a huge number of calligraphy accounts on Instagram, but Carly's feed stands out to me because of her wonderful use of puns. Every day, she'll post a new phrase or joke matched with a beautifully cute illustration. But the illustrations aren't always cutesy bae-goals holding hands, if you scroll through Carly's feed you'll see that in some posts she makes a real sociopolitical statement through her art, in a way which manages to bring a smile to your face. For any illustrators or wordsmiths in need of inspiration, take a look at Carly's page. 


5. @symmetrybreakfast 

The @symmetrybreakfast account is proof that a compelling story is critical to building your brand. The account is run by king of breakfasts, Michael, who makes breakfast for his husband Mark every morning and posts what they'll be eating to Instagram. Individually, the photos are beautiful and the food looks mouth-watering but it's when you look at Michael's full grid that you really appreciate the creativity that goes into this account. If you're into food styling and pleasingly perfectionist photos, this account is a must-follow for you.


6. @zachking

A filmmaker, YouTuber and ex-Vine star, Zach refers to his videos as "digital sleight of hand". Every short clip is cleverly edited to look like he is performing magic. A huge percentage of Zach's Instagram videos are paid for advertorial, which typically lowers the engagement on an influencer's post. This isn't the case for Zach: his videos are so brilliantly done that they consistently get over 5 million views, even if it's a direct brand endorsement. Zach also recently released a new augmented reality book, so his page is definitely one to watch if you're interested in video editing and AR. 


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